Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  1. Who are Freshtel?

    Freshtel is an Australian internet communications company. We are committed to providing a quality, reliable VoIP service at a price everyone can afford.

  2. What is an internet phone?

    Freshtel internet phone is an internet phone, or VoIP Softphone; that’s just a fancy way of saying internet telephone. The Freshtel internet phone allows you to make free phone calls to other people who are also running Freshtel internet phone (or any other service running on the Voicedot network, such as Tesco internet phone users) on their computers. It also allows you to make extremely cheap calls to mobile or landline numbers if you’re on one of our monthly plans or if you have credit in your account.

  3. How do internet phones work?

    When you make a call through an internet phone, your call goes through your internet connection instead of through the PSTN network. If you’re calling another person on the Freshtel network, the call is digital and completely free. If you’re calling someone on a landline or mobile number, the call goes through the internet, and then through the PSTN to the destination number.

  4. What codecs does Freshtel use?

    The Freshtel internet phone uses the ILBC codec, our 3010 ATA uses G.729 or G.711.

  5. What is QoS and how does it affect me?

    QoS is a feature that may be available in your router or modem/router that is used to prioritizes specific traffic ahead of other internet traffic. This allows users to surf the internet and talk on the phone at the same time, with the voice traffic being given priority. If your modem/router supports QoS, you should enable it for Freshtel. You’ll want to apply QoS rules to IAX and/or SIP traffic depending on your setup. Please contact us for more information on how to do this.

  6. What speed internet connection do I need to use Freshtel?

    512/128k or greater broadband connection recommended for best results.

  7. Can I call any landline or mobile from my Freshtel account?

    Yes, if you’re on one of our monthly plans or have credit in your account. We offer a comprehensive list of calling rates to most countries around the world. There are no charges for unanswered or busy calls.

  8. Does Freshtel give me a new home phone line?

    We’ll provide you with a standard Australian phone number.

  9. Can I choose my new number?

    No, an available number will be allocated to you.

  10. How many people can I have on my account?

    You can add as many additional people to your account as you like. Each additional person will need have their own Freshtel number and their own plan.

Account Information

  1. What is My Account?

    Every Freshtel user can log into the My Account section of our website. There, users can view their account, change settings, view and pay bills, add additional users to their account, add call credit and view the calls that they have made.

  2. How can I access My Account?

    Freshtel users can log into their accounts with their Freshtel number and password here.

  3. Will additional users need their own plan?

    Yes. Each person you add to your account will need to select their own plan, and if pre-paid will need their own credit to call mobiles and landlines.

  4. Can I have a mixture of Free and Monthly Plan users on my account?

    Yes. There’s no restriction on mixing and matching plan types for additional people on an account. For example, someone on a Fresh Air plan could have four additional people on their account - one on another Fresh Air plan, one on a Fresh Start monthly plan, one on a Fresh Line plan and one on a Fresh Office monthly plan.

  5. Do I have control of additional users on my account?

    Yes. Only you can add additional people to your account, and itemised invoices will be sent to your email address only, not that of additional users. You can edit and change any account information you like for additional users on your account, whereas they can only update their contact and address details. You have total financial control over additional users on your account. It’s a great way to set up accounts for employees in a business, for example.

Charges and Billing

  1. What happens if I run out of credit while in a call?

    The call will disconnect. You’ll need to top-up your account before you can dial landline or mobile phones. Since monthly plans are invoiced monthly and don’t require any call credit to make calls.

  2. Will I be charged for incoming calls?

    No. You will only be charged for outgoing calls to landlines or mobiles. Please note that call diversion to landline or mobile numbers will incur a charge.

  3. Will I be on a contract?

    No. Our Free plan has no monthly charges at all, and our monthly plans can be cancelled at the end of your current monthly billing period. There’s no exit fees of any kind, and no hidden costs.

  4. How will I be billed?

    If you’re on one of our monthly plans, your credit card will be automatically debited once per month for the monthly fees plus call costs.

  5. How do I pay my bills?

    Billing is automatic. Your card will be automatically debited once per month. We’ll email you an invoice when this happens.

  6. Are there any hidden costs?

    No. There’s no signup costs, no exit costs, no hidden fees of any kind.

  7. Is there a flagfall on your calls?

    No. There’s no additional connection fee when you make a call through our service.

Third Party Hardware

  1. Can I use non-Freshtel hardware on your network?

    Yes. You should be able to use most SIP devices on our network, and most third-party headsets or handsets should work fine. With some USB handsets, the screen & keypad may not function correctly if they have not been designed for use on our network.

  2. What third-party hardware do you support?

    We have setup guides to enable you to use some common third-party ATAs and VoIP routers on Freshtel. While our Customer Care centre is happy to try and get your hardware going, you may need to contact the manufacturer for further support.

    • Billion 64xx - 74xx
    • GrandStream HandyTone-286 ATA
    • Linksys / Sipura SPA-2xxx - 3xxx
    • Linksys PAP 2
    • Netcomm NB9
    • Netcomm V100 ATA
    • Siemens Gigaset C470IP
    • Sipura SPA-841 Business Phone
    • SIP and IAX Hardware and Software Settings

  3. I don’t see my third-party hardware listed. What should I do?

    Even if your hardware isn’t listed here, it’ll probably still work with Freshtel. You’ll need the Default SIP & IAX settings document for a start, and you may need to contact our friendly helpdesk staff or check the manufacturer’s website for further support.

  4. How do I dial landline numbers using my third-party hardware?

    To call the Melbourne number 03 9999 1234 you would simply dial 03 9999 1234. You could also add the Australian country code of 61, and dial 613 9915 6415.

  5. How do I dial mobile numbers using my third-party hardware?

    To call the Australian mobile 0400 123 456 you can simply dial 0400 123 456 or 61 400 123 456 (which is leaving out the 0 and replacing it with +61)

  6. How do I dial overseas numbers using my third-party hardware?

    To call the UK number 708 1234 5678 you would add the UK country code of 44, dialling 44 708 1234 5678.

  7. How do I dial 13 and 1300 numbers using my third-party hardware?

    To call the 13 number 13 1234 you could dial 13 1234 or 61 13 1234.

  8. How do I dial 1800 numbers using the my third-party hardware?

    To call the 1800 number 1800 123 456 you could dial 1800 123456 or 61 1800 123 456