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What’s new in Firefly 3.x

Firefly Setup

Why should I use Firefly?

We’re glad you asked! There are lots of reasons to choose Freshtel for your phone calls, and here are just a few:

Plus much more - Try Firefly out and see for yourself why we believe it’s the best Internet Phone around!
Minimum requirements for Firefly 3.x

You will need:

Installing Firefly 3.x

Firefly Setup

If you are running a previous version of Firefly you don’t need to un-install it. When you upgrade to Firefly 3.x all of your details and settings will be imported.

When you run the Installer, you’ll see this screen:

Simply click the Next > button and follow the prompts until you have the software installed. At the end of the Installation Firefly will launch automatically.

When you run Firefly for the first time, the Setup Wizard will start.

The Setup Wizard will help you choose and setup your audio devices. If you don’t have a previous version of Firefly installed you’ll need to enter your Freshtel number and password as part of the Setup process.

If you have a Standard Australian Phone number from Freshtel you should use this as your login name.

Once the Setup Wizard is complete, you’ll see the main Firefly window appear.

Making Calls

Now you’re ready to make calls! You’ll notice we’ve put a number in your contact list for you.

This number is your free Voicemail number. Double-click it to setup your Voicemail box. You can also find more settings for Voicemail in the Options menu within Firefly, and on the My Account section of our website. When your busy or not online callers can leave Voicemail messages which you can collect later on - all free of charge.

You can make calls to Freshtel numbers and normal phones by dialling on the Firefly keypad or the keypad on your keyboard. Making calls like this is easy and just like using your normal phone.

Just remember that when dialling a Freshtel number you need to use the * prefix. The * symbol can be added to the front of a number using * on your keyboard or the * symbol on the Firefly Keypad.

Making Calls

Instant Messages

Firefly can also be used to send Instant Messages to any other Freshtel user on your contact list. To send an Instant Message to another Firefly user, right-click on their entry in the contact list and choose Send Message.

Transferring & Conference Calls

Transfer Calls

You can Transfer any call in progress by clicking on the Transfer button in the Call Window.

The Transfer Call window will appear. From here you can select another contact as the transfer destination, enter a number not on your contact list or select an existing call.

When you transfer a call, Firefly performs a blind transfer. This means that the destination number will ring and when answered the call will transfer immediately.

When you transfer a call you can no longer participate in the conversation.

You can also use Firefly to host your own Conference Calls.

To have a Conference you can simply drag-and-drop Contacts into an existing Call Window from either the Contact List or another Call Window. With multiple calls in progress you can easily drag Contacts between calls!

Conference Calls

Another way to Conference is to establish a call to the first participant then click on the Conference button in the Call Window. This will bring up the Conference Call management window.

On the left you’ll see a list of people in your Contact List, while on the right is a list of those already in the Conference.

Select one or more people from the left side then click Add >> to move their names to the right. If the person is not already in your list you can enter the phone number at the bottom of the window.

Pressing the Update Call button will return you to the main window and dial any added Conference participants. As soon as they answer they will join the call.

When you return to the main window you’ll see that the Call Window has been updated with the new Conference participants.

Adding Microsoft Outlook contacts to Firefly

Pressing the End Call button will end the Conference and hang up on all callers.

You can remove a user from the Conference using the management window - in much the same way as adding people.

You can also right-click on a Conference participant and choose to either hang up on the caller, or disconnect them from the current conference.

Selecting the disconnect option will not hang up on the caller, but instead remove them from the current Conference and place them on hold.
On Hold Music

Firefly allows you to set any .MP3 files as your On-Hold Music, which will be played to callers anytime you place them on hold. To enable On-Hold Music and select your preferred .MP3 file, go to the Sounds section of the Options menu.

Multiple Calls

Firefly will allow you to run multiple calls at once. Each call will have its own Call Window.

You can start a new call by simply dialling another number while one call is already in progress.

Only one call can be active at any one time. When you start a new call, the current call is automatically put on hold. You can switch between calls using the Resume button.

When multiple calls are in progress, you can merge calls into a Conference by right-clicking on the contact in your Contact List and selecting Merge Call.

You can have multiple calls and/or multiple Conferences running at the same time! You can also drag-and-drop Contacts between Call Windows for easy conferencing.

Adding Microsoft Outlook contacts to Firefly

Firefly supports integration with Outlook - allowing you to easily place calls to any of your Outlook contacts.

To enable Outlook integration click on Menu | Options | Enhancements and select to enable the toolbar and/or show Outlook contacts in list. You will need to restart Firefly for the changes to take effect.

Outlook contacts are displayed in the Outlook Contacts group. This will only appear if Outlook is running. If you have categorized your contacts in Outlook, these categories will appear in Firefly as Groups.

If a single contact has multiple Categories in Outlook, only the first Category is recognized.
The Firefly Options Menu

Firefly Options

You can get to the Options menu by clicking on the Menu button in Firefly and then choosing Options. From here you can adjust lots of settings including your Audio options, Voicemail settings, Notifications, Message Logging and much more. Once you’re comfortable using Firefly you can go through the Options and set the program up just the way you like.

Firefly 3.x includes advanced Echo Cancellation which can help improve call quality by removing locally caused echo when in a call. This feature is located in the Advanced options and is enabled by default.

My Account

When it’s time to add funds to your Freshtel account, upgrade to one of our great value monthly plans or update any of your account details, you’ll need to login to the My Account section of the Freshtel website.

You can get to My Account in two ways:

From My Account you can do lots of useful things like:

Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re new to Firefly or a power user, you might be able to benefit from some of the following useful Tips & Tricks.