SIP Hardware and Software

Default settings for using third-party hardware with Freshtel

Freshtel’s network supports SIP and allows you to use most hardware or software phones with our service. Almost all commercially available VoIP hardware and software (including VoIP phones and ATAs) can be configured to use your Freshtel service with the settings below.

Please refer to your product manual for instructions on how to add this information to your device.

For SIP devices

Username/Auth IDNumber
PasswordYour Freshtel password for that service
CodecSet G.711a as your preferred codec


To dial a Freshtel Virtual number, prefix the number with a star, e.g. *80001234
To access voicemail, dial 123
If you have valid address information listed on your account, you can dial Australian local, national, mobile, and international numbers exactly as you would from a local phone in your area. The prefix 03 is automatically added unless your address has a different associated state. The following are valid examples:
eg. 0398765432 98765432 1300123456 1800123456 131234 0412345678
International numbers must be dialled with the standard international dialling prefix 0011:
eg. 0011 countrycode number