Freshtel was one of the first companies to introduce VoIP telephony in Australia. We have been providing VoIP based phone services, or simply put, internet phones, for several years now nationally and internationally.

Proudly Australian made we have the vision to become truly global VoIP phone company that brings their customers from all over the world together in one integrated network where everyone within the network can enjoy free calls and cheap phone call rates with easy access to their phone line no matter where they are.

A world with no boundaries is our ultimate goal.

The first step towards that goal was made when Tesco introduced their Internet Phone in UK powered by Freshtel. Not only Tesco Internet phone users can call each other for free but all phone calls on the Freshtel network are absolutely free.

Freshtel internet phone is a reliable low cost alternative to a land line or a mobile phone and provides significant savings of up to 80% on your existing phone bill.

Freshtel gives you the ability to stay connected with your loved ones no matter where they are without paying a fortune.